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Summer bloggin' - Clothes embellishing inspiration

Summer Bloggin' on &Stitches

We've got another Summer Bloggin' post by a lovely guest for you today. It's all about one of my favourite ways of using stitches, so I am especially excited about this one. Erin is going to show a bunch of cool ways to add embroidery to your clothes. Thank you for joining us, Erin!

Mad Scientist by Day, Seamstress by Night, SeamstressErin sews, knits, quilts, crafts, and does needlework. She aspires to inspire and inform on her blog at

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Hi! I’m SeamstressErin. I blog about Sew-Knit-Craft-Quilt-Needlework at . I’m excited to be a Summer Bloggin’ guest poster on &Stitches. My first love is garment sewing, but I have been getting more and more into needlework. For my first guest post, I have curated an inspirational selection of embroidered clothing. These are great ways to combine sewing and embroidery – but don’t worry, you don’t actually have to sew the garment you’re embroidering for these to be inspirational!

Embroidery on the yoke of a peasant style blouse is the perfect setting for ethnic or traditional patterns. If you don’t have a pattern that fits the shape of your blouse, combine some! Jennifer combined three different patterns for this cute yoke.

Cowboy (or cowgirl) shirts are an obvious choice for embroidery on the front or back yokes. You can play up the western or rockabilly theme or go for something totally unique like these bicycles that Kathy embroidered.

Yokes aren’t limited to peasants and cowboys. It’s easy to find appealing patterns with yokes that are perfect places to embroider, like this dress made and embroidered by Rochell.

Little girl’s dresses offer a great canvas for all sorts of embroidery patterns. In fact, the more simple the dress is, the more the embroidery pops, like this sweet house done by A Little Sprout.

Embroidered dresses aren’t just for little girls. Cassie added floral print fabric to lengthen a ready-to-wear dress and embroidered a giant Eiffel tower on it for a quirky, fun, and unique finished dress.

Looking for a more subtle embroidery project for a skirt? Follow Tasha’s inspiration to add embroidery to patch pockets.

Embroidery on a plain t-shirt is a perfect way to add interest to a wardrobe staple. Consider different parts of the shirt that you could embroider, like Poppy did on her sleeve.

The lapel of a blouse is a perfect place to embroider. Pick a vintage pattern like Liz for a top that can be worn with vintage or modern outfits.


  1. thank you for featuring my top!!!!

  2. Great post, Erin. Thanks for featuring my t-shirt. Now I need to start stitching on all of my skirts and blouses, too! I appreciate the inspiration.

  3. Aw, thank you for sharing my Eiffel Tower embroidery alongside these AMAZING pieces! Love the bicycle shirt, so awesome!

  4. It's wonderful to be included with all these talented ladies, thank you! All this embroidery is so inspiring!

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  6. I love the ideas in this post - I have never thought of adding embellishment to ready-made clothes. What a great way to brighten up some of my old clothes. Thanks for the inspiration!


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