Saturday, July 27, 2013

One-Stitch Challenge

One-Stitch Challenge - join me!

When I posted last week about the lovely simplicity of running stitch, I realized that you could do an awful lot with just that one stitch. I thought, why not try to make something with only running stitch, to stretch its legs and see what it can do!

I got a piece of print fabric - vintage sheet fabric, in my case, which is perfect for this project because of its clear lines and open shapes - and just started following the lines and filling in spaces. It's an interesting experiment, because once you've outlined something, the fabric forces you to be creative about how you use the stitch.

One-Stitch Challenge - join me!

So here is my challenge to you, &Stitches Readers, should you choose to accept it: grab a piece of fabric from your stash, something with clear lines and spaces, pick a stitch - any stitch you like, but just the one - and start stitching! Don't think about a plan too much, just go for it. Mix up the stitch length, space them out, use different threads or vary how many strands you use. Keep trying to think of new ways to use your stitch to fill up the fabric!

This could be a really fun summer project, since all you need is fabric, needle, and thread. Take it to the beach and stitch away. And if you have or know a child interested in embroidery and in need of a summertime project, this could teach them a first stitch, get them used to the coordination of following a line, and let them use their imagination and see what they come up with!

I'll share the rest of mine next week - if you take up this challenge any time this summer, please leave us a comment to share or add your photos to the &Stitches Flickr Pool!


  1. Love this effect! This would be a great way to add texture to some feature prints on a quilt x

  2. Beautiful! The stitches really show off the print of the fabric :)

  3. just shows that a simple stitch can rally bring a piece to life. Will check my stash but do not think I have anything suitable to join in.

  4. Awhile back I was doing some embroidery research and found an article, from the mid-1800's about woman and embroidery (sorry, I didn't take note of the reference) but it was about stitching over a printed pattern -- defined as 'texturing' -- I see it as a meditative process, and I enjoy the look of stitches over an already existing printed pattern.


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