Thursday, May 9, 2013

May: Exploring Satin Stitch

May: Exploring Satin Stitch on &Stitches!

Over the month of May, we're going to be investigating satin stitch here at &Stitches - it's such a beautiful stitch, but so many of us have a hard time with it. Definitely a love / hate kind of stitch! Over the next few weeks, we'll be bringing you tips to help get your satin stitch just right, look at styles and related stitches, and just celebrate some wonderful examples. Get your needles ready!

So, what are your loves and hates with satin stitch? Do you have trouble getting it the way you want it? Tell us what you'd like to know and we'll do our best to work it into our special satin stitch month!


  1. Aw wow, I love statin Stitch! (You might have guessed). I do find it trouble some though, you need to get into a rhythm, and sometimes I find it hard to keep my edges straight. Never sure if stitching an outline in backstitch first is a good idea or not. These days I think I stitch better with out it.

  2. I like to do satin stitch but always worry that it's going to get snagged and pull out.
    This little flower is lovely!

  3. This is a lovely example! I tend to have a neat/straight line on one side (where I finish the stitch), but not on the other (where i end it). I do love the satin stitch though and I'm looking forward to your tips.

  4. I am fairly new to embroidery and I have trouble getting the stitches neat and achieving a clean look.

    the flower is beautiful!

  5. I hate the fact that if it is too long, when you brush it or whatever it moves to the side leaving spaces. It does not do that IN the hoop, but once it is out of the hoop it is as if the stitches are too loose or something. They are fine when short-short, but not when over about a centimeter.

  6. Satin is probably my least liked stitch to make. Any tips for making the surface nice and even and smooth looking would be appreciated. Hugely appreciated.


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