Monday, April 1, 2013

An announcement from &Stitches

&Stitches zine announcement

Dear friends, dear readers of &Stitches zine,

We have some news which is both good and sad.

Let's start with the sad news: we have decided to put the zine on hold for the time being. We've loved sharing each and every issue with you, so it has been a difficult decision to make. We know you've enjoyed it too and we appreciate all the lovely feedback we received in the past year and a half.

Thank you to everyone who we've had the pleasure of working with and feature in the zine. And especially thank you to all of you who have bought the zine and supported it in other ways. We can't even begin to tell you how much it means to us that you have trusted and supported our vision of a stitchy zine. Thank you.

So, now we'll wipe the tears of the keyboard and tell you about the good news: the blog isn't going anywhere! In fact, we have lots of fun plans and ideas for the coming months. We love the community that is forming around the blog, Facebook and Twitter and we really want to focus on that; chatting with you about all the stitchy stuff that we all love. It's no coincidence that we call ourselves @stitchygeeks on Twitter!

We hope you'll join us so we can make this an awesome place to talk about, share and learn about stitching and everything around it. As always, if you have any suggestions or ideas for posts or anything else, don't be shy, we'd love to hear from you. :-)

Thank you.

Love &Stitches,

Nicole & Carina

PS: No, stopping the zine is not an April Fool's joke.


  1. I'll definitely miss the zine, but it's good that you guys will still be around here! xo -Jess

  2. Will past issues still be available indefinitely? (I have some catching up to do.) :)

  3. I understand you may have good and smart reasons to put the zine on hold. I'm happy the blog is staying, I do love reading through it!! It's very inspiring :)Hugs to both of you. xo

  4. I've loved the zine, and I hate to see it go. But you two can rest assured that you did a fine job with it. That said, I'm sure glad the blog will still be here. You guys are great.

  5. Sad to hear, but happy there are exciting things on the horizon. Job well done with the zine, ladies. I enjoyed it. All the best!

  6. So sorry to hear that as it was a great zine! I am sure it took hours of precious time to put together and the quality of the content was awesome . Will enjoy keeping up with what you are up to via the blog though!

  7. Carina, Julie and Nicole I am saddened by your news - the descision could not habve been an easy one to make. But keeping the team together and focusing your energies on the blog - applause from me!!! You did a fantastic job on the zines and as I told Carina in an e-mail, I am so happy to have the copies i ordered tucked away in my files. &Stitches blog already rocks! So i guess this means going forward we all need to hold onto our seats!!!


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