Sunday, March 3, 2013

Vintage-inspired Flowers

Found on Flickr

new embroidery i did ...

Sabine Tautz (aka Flickr user Spacecurry) recently posted a finished photo of this beautiful vintage-inspired embroidery. There's not much information about the project, only that it's stitched on antique linen and, if you look closely, it's clear she's combined different types of thread to give different textural effects. I just love the colors in here - muted and gentle like a vintage piece, but with those touches of very bright orange highlighting the flowers!


  1. Oh my! I want to be able to do that! It is sooo beautiful! x

  2. Hi Julie - thanks so much again for featuring this in here!!
    Some more information about this work:
    my grandmother Helene who died 1994 was a great stitcher and i´ve got a big box of embroidery materials my mother saved over the time. In there i´ve found this nice piece of old linen fabric with the drawn pattern on it, some small parts of start-stitches and all threads.
    I guess she wanted to made a pillow cover from it. But as a *queen of unfinished projects* she never finished this one too.
    To be honest i was not really interested in embroderies so far ... never had the time and patience for it. But since one and a half year ago i totally changed my mind and started with sewing and crochet projects.It became a big part of my live!!
    The biggest part of this embroidery is made with a stitch called *Plattstich* in German - i think it is *satin stitch* in English. I´ve learnd how to make this from an vintage handicraft book and also from online tutorials. And for the flowers i´ve also made some *french knots*. The rest is *free style stitch* by me :-) hahaha
    Good luck and sunny Sunday to everyone!

    1. Oh, thank you for telling us more about this embroidery, Sabine! What a wonderful thing to continue with your grandmother's materials in this way. That makes it even more lovely!


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