Friday, February 15, 2013

A Walk in the Secret Garden

Found on Flickr

A walk in the Secret garden

Wow. I saw these amazing shoes in the &Stitches Flickr pool this morning and actually said WOW out loud! These were made by Nell Burns of Nell's Embroidery and are machine embroidered, free style. They are based on Frances Hodgson Burnett's beloved children's book, "The Secret Garden". Nell has filled every surface with wonderful detail: flowers and squirrels and even tiny little handles on the gate doors. I love these because of the charming details and because they are based on literature which, being a book-ish type myself, is something I will always be partial to!

See more of Nell's three-dimensional textile work in her Flickr photostream or on her website.

Julie is a knitter and stitcher, born in the US but now living in the UK. She loves vintage embroidery books and bad slasher movies. With her mum, Julie designs embroidery patterns inspired by literature under the name Little Dorrit & Co.



  1. I love love Nell's embroidery and these shoes are just so beautiful! x

  2. Wow! thank you so much for sharing these and for the wonderful compliment. I Loved making them as much as reading the book!

  3. Before I even read what you wrote, I said "wow".

  4. I saw these on Flickr yesterday and was blown away. They are really awesome.


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