Saturday, March 14, 2015

Colour Inspiration: En Plein Air


This month's colour inspiration comes from the Pantone Spring 2015 colour palette for fashion which is named En Plein Air (which means 'in the open air'). Pantone provides standardisation of colour for manufacturers, for example for the fabric industry. En Plein Air is "an eclectic, ethereal mix of understated brights, pale pastels and nature-like neutrals".

Screen capture of the Spring Palette from the Pantone website

I picked 10 colours from the En Plein Air Palette and it was quite a hard task to find matching embroidery threads in my stash but I got there in the end. These may not be exact matches but they do reflect the feel of En Plein Air I think.. From left to right based on, and named after, the colours pictured above.

Aquamarine DMC 3325
Scuba Blue Au Ver a Soie Silk 133
Lucite Green (R) DMC 993
Classic Blue DMC 336
Toasted Almond DMC 950
Strawberry Ice DMC 760
Tangerine DMC 3340
Custard DMC 3046
Marsala DMC 221
Glacier Gray DMC 415

I wasn't completely sold on the Plein Air Palette when I first saw it but it was fun using the colours in a tiny design and seeing how nice they worked together. Using these colour palettes in a small project, is definitely a good way to get out of your 'colour comfort zone'. :)

What are your favourite colour combos? Please share in the &Stitches Flickr group. We'd love to see it!

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