Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Scandinavian Stitch Love

Scandinavian week on the &Stitches blog!

1. girl pattern from 'scandistitches' set, 2. Solar horse - coloured, 3. "XoloÄlg", 4. altered envelopes, 5. Leaf 6, 6. iceland - embroidery, 7. Stitched button jewellery, 8. Icelandic Cross Stitch, Eagle and Flower, 9. Moomin

Here's a rather eclectic selection of inspiring stitcheries (and one crochet Moomin I could not resist) inspired by (or from) Scandinavia. Please click on the links above to find out more about the artists and their pieces.

Have you entered our Scandinavian Stitches book giveaway yet? You can leave a comment on the previous post for a chance to win!

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