Thursday, September 27, 2012

Balloon Girl by Bo

Found on Flickr


I am so in love with this embroidery by Flickr user Bo - it doesn't have a title, but I like to think of her as Balloon Girl. There's just so much to love about this piece - the framing, the bold red of the balloon, the soft expression on the girl's face - but it's really her hair that gets me every time I look at it. Although the stitching is basically very simple, the detail of it is so striking. With just a simple stitch, Bo creates depth, movement, and texture. It's almost like I can feel the breeze blowing across the hoop. Bo's embroidery really inspires me to work more with fill stitches to create different effects!

Julie is a knitter and stitcher, born in the US but now living in the UK. She loves vintage embroidery books and bad slasher movies. With her mum, Julie designs embroidery pattern inspired by literature under the name Little Dorrit & Co.


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