Thursday, July 26, 2012

Looking for Stitch Challenge volunteers!

Stitch challenger Annet did a great job with the Pekinese Stitch!

In the latest issue of &Stitches we introduced a new feature called Stitch Challenge. We asked three stitchers to learn a stitch of our choice and use it in a small embroidery piece.  The results were very impressive and we'd love to do another Stitch Challenge in our next issue! The challenge could be to learn (and use) a new stitch, master a technique or maybe something else we haven't thought of yet. :) You will also need to write a little something about your challenge and take some awesome photos of your finished piece.

If you are a creative stitcher and you would like to participate in our next Stitch Challenge, send us and e-mail at Please include some links to your blog or Flickr page so we can see what kind of stitcher you are! If you are included in the next Stitch Challenge you will hear from us soon, and we'd like to keep all other interested peeps in a folder labeled  'next Stitch Challenges'.

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  1. It's great to see my ornament here, it's still hanging on my design board. It was so much fun to do this challenge!


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