Sunday, March 25, 2012

Wanderlust and more

I have a soft spot for Stitched Lettering (I even have a Flickr group dedicated to it) and I absolutely love this Wanderlust piece made by Mel. Have you ever thought about the word 'Wanderlust'? It's a rather intriguing German word that has made it's way into the English language. To me the word Wanderlust has a romantic feel to it, think 19th century German poets with capes wandering about in rural areas or something. The actual meaning of Wanderlust  however is ' a strong desire to travel or hike'.

Two other embroideries by Mel also caught my eye this week.

Wonderful, inspiring words and awesome embroidery work! Be sure to check out Mel's lovely blog Thrifted as well.


  1. oooo I love the second one, scrolly designs look so lovely stitched up

  2. I like all of them. I didn't know there was a flicker group for stitched words. I'll will have to visit.


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