Thursday, February 25, 2016

Stitchy Crush: Coloris from DMC


Coloris thread from DMC

My turn with a Stitchy Crush! The Coloris range of floss from DMC. I first saw them mentioned a few months ago on the Spanish DMC blog and I was instantly smitten. Ever since I've been wondering (and regularly Googling!) if they would be available in the UK. And now they are! I found them on Sew & So, but they're available elsewhere too.

The Coloris floss is kinda like variegated floss, it changes colour. But unlike the regular variegated, Coloris isn't a gradual change between similar colours or shades on one colour.

No, Coloris changes between different colours! How cool is that? You can see from my photo that there's lots of colours in the same skein - I think the colour changes every five centimetres (2") or so. I think this is so inspiring. So much fun! So beautiful.

And even the names are fabulously evocative: Fleur des champs, Camélia, Côte de granit, Nuit canadienne, Vent du nord, Primavera and more. You can see more about the Coloris colours on the French DMC site. Be sure to scroll down the page to see the gallery with stitched samples of each colour.

I haven't decided on a project for these yet, I've only done a little test with blackwork. But I think it would definitely be great for blackwork. The changing colours would give a completely different feel to that kind of embroidery. :-)

What would you stitch with these fabulous colours?


  1. i am loving these! i hope they become easier to get in the US soon. :) i am not sure what i would stitch, but i like the idea of doing some blackwork...and maybe some crazy colored portraits or a field of french knots would be lovely. Looking forward to seeing what beautiful piece you make!

    1. Ohh, a portrait sounds like a cool idea. I'd love to see that! :-)

  2. Oh yum, I'm putting these on my wish list for sure. I love sewing with thread that comes in multi-colors!

    1. They are really lovely, and come in lots of colours. I hope they bring out more at some point. :-)

  3. Wow, I have to get my mitts on these. I've just contacted my wholesaler to see if and when they will be available in the US. Can't wait to see them!

  4. Since I'm addicted to multi-color threads, I would use this in almost all of my projects.


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