Wednesday, February 17, 2016

My Stitch Crush: stitched lettering



My Stitch Crush (well one of them anyway) is stitched lettering, and more specific: stitched lyrics. Here's an example of a few embroideries from my personal 'gallery'. There's only one I made myself, the others are either bought or received in an online embroidery swap. 

And I found some other fine examples online!

This Outkast lyric from Hey ya! was stitched by Ancora Crafts.

John Lennon's Imagine stitched by Lisa.

Coldplay's Yellow stitched by our own Aimee.

And how about Vegkat's Depeche Mode-mbroidery from Strangelove?


  1. I love stitcheries with words but i've never done one! I am currently making a quilt with song lyrics


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