Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year from &Stitches!

Happy New Year from &Stitches!

Welcome to 2016! It's a new year, stitchers - time to be bold, break new ground, experiment! We hope you'll join us for another year of stitchy fun, and this year we're all about trying new things. Let's all do something we've never done before!

Throughout January, the team will be sharing their Stitchy Resolutions for 2016, and we hope you'll tell us yours as well. What technique, or stitch, or other thread-related craft would you like to try this year? Is there something you've previously tried that has bested you, something you'd like to defeat once and for all? Or just something totally out of your comfort zone that you want to experiment with? 2016 is the year to give it a go and see what happens!

We'll also be experimenting with techniques, seeing what we can do with styles we've never tried before, and hosting a project we're really excited about: a long-term, small-scale stitch-along that will encourage you to think outside a teeny one-inch box. More on that soon, so get your stitchy fingers ready to play along!

Thanks to you all for reading along and sharing your projects, and we hope you'll be with us for many more adventures to come. Happy New Year!

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