Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Your Favourite Posts of 2015

In a few days time we will welcome the new year and say goodbye to 2015. We look back by sharing a round up of some of your favourite posts, measured by the number of views.*

In January and February we had a series called 'My Favourite Tutorial'. Sophie's Or Nue tutorial and Christine's Simple Ribbon Embroidery posts were very popular! You can find all tutorials we posted early in the year here.

We spotted Corinne Sleight's beautiful work on Instagram and featured it on our blog in March.

In April we talked to Michele Carragher, the woman behind the beautiful embroidered costumes in Game of Thrones.

Cate's book review of the Needlepoint book was the most popular post in May.

June was our 'No Floss Allowed' month and we experimented with horsehair, our own hair and grass. Carina tried her hand at Ribbon Embroidery.

Every year, in July and August, we welcome guest bloggers to our blog in our 'Summer Bloggin' series'.  Amy Byrne treated us to two fabulous posts:  Watercolour and Embroidery and Tiny Embroidery.

September was all about Stumpwork on the &Stitches blog. Hopefully we inspired you to explore this technique through our Round up of ten online Stumpwork tutorials!

During October we hosted the Villains Stitch Along and Julie showed how she transferred her 'Villain' using an Ipad!

We featured lots of shiny things in November: threads, fabric to stitch on and a tutorial on how to add sequins to your embroidery!

In the run up to Christmas we shared our 'Stitchy Wish Lists' including one about Flower Themed Embroidery Books.

Thank you for visiting our blog and we hope you enjoyed our posts this year. Feel free to let us know in the comments what themes, subjects or tutorials you'd like to see next year!

*I didn't include general announcements or giveaway posts.

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