Thursday, October 29, 2015

Villains Stitchalong: Liberty Skeletor!


Liberty Skeletor!

Behold, the mighty Skeletor! Nemesis of He-Man, villain extraordinaire!

Ok, let's be honest. Skeletor is just about the most ridiculous villain of all time. So of course he had to be prettied up with some lovely Liberty florals. They suit him, dontcha think? I haven't quite finished - he obviously still needs his amazing Skeletor face, which is what the little yellow scrap is intended for - finding Liberty fabrics in exactly Skeletor's unique color scheme wasn't easy, but I think I done pretty good!

Don't forget to enter our Villains stitchalong for your chance to win some awesome prizes - link up your entry right here and hurry - there's only a few days left to enter!

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  1. That looks great. I'm impressed how well those florals work.

  2. liberty skeletor is pretty awesome...nice work!


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