Monday, March 30, 2015

April theme: Stitch Together

Stitch Together - &Stitches

In April we have a theme that covers a broad range of activities, but all of them are to do with stitching with other people.

Which is kind of funny, because for a lot of people embroidery is a solitary craft. Done at home while watching TV or listening to music or radio or maybe a book. That is certainly the case for most of the &Stitches team.

But it can be enjoyable spending time with other people while working on a stitchy project. This month we will look at some of the ways you can find people to stitch with, either in person or via online groups.

We're looking forward to exploring this and we'd love to hear from you: do you stitch alone or with others?


  1. I always stitch alone, in the evening while watching T.V. with my husband. But it would be nice to stitch with a small group of people.

  2. I do both ~ it's nice to get together with friends ~ someone always has a good suggestion on how to do something better! I also love to just be on my own and make what I'm doing work!

  3. I am lucky enough to have a stitching group ("Stitch n Bitch - Auckland Division!") and we meet once a month. We have stitchers, sewers, knitters, crafters - always something interesting going on. I also hold classes for beginners - it's totally awesome and a privilege to see people learning how to stitch and falling in love with it! Mostly though it's stitching at home, trying out new stitches, colours and patterns. Lovely!

  4. I also do both - I have a couple of groups of women I meet up with every 2 or 3 months, people I met taking part in textile tours of India, most of whom live in this country (England), but some who come from further afield. I have a group of local friends I do feltmaking with monthly, then I run workshops at my home teaching embroidery of various sorts. That enables others to get-together, learn new skills and spend time with like-minded souls. People love it.

  5. Sometimes I meet up with my mom and my sister to have a crafty evening but that usually does not involve embroidery; somehow I really like embroidering in solitude without distractions. That way it is easier for the stitches to go exactly where they need to.
    But it would be nice to try the stitch in a group and meet some like-minded people :)


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