Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fifth Day of Stitchy Goodness: Your Five Favourite Embroidery Techniques

So what are the favourite embroidery techniques of the &Stitches readers? Today you will finally find out! I decided to 'illustrate' each result with a piece (or pieces) by one of the &Stitches bloggers (myself excluded) just to show what a versatile bunch of stitchers we are. :)

Embroidery by Cate

Detail of embroidery by Sophie
 Almost one third of the voters like Free style Embroidery (32.2%)!

Cross Stitch (her first!) by Christine
Followed closely by Cross Stitch 25.8%

Colourful Blackwork by Carina
Quite surprisingly Blackwork came in third with 12.4%

Crewel Shading by Julie

And Crewel takes the fourth place in the poll with 7.2%

(plastic) canvas work by Rebecca

The battle for the fifth place was close and Machine Embroidery was just pipped at the post by Canvas work with 5.2% of the votes!

p.s. have you seen our Cloudcraft giveaway on the Third Day of Stitchy Goodness? There's still time to enter!

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