Sunday, May 18, 2014

Swap Inspiration

The deadline's coming up fast, but perhaps you're still struggling to get stuck into your swap project? In case you need that little extra push of inspiration, here's a few more wonderful "place"-themed embroideries to get your imagination running!

Kim from Dork with a Needle has joined Rebecca's Doodle-Stitchalong for her 'City Roofs' neighborhood-scape - I love the bright color placed over this printed fabric, it's colorful and minimalist at the same time! I also like to think about whose neighborhood this might be and who lives in those little red-roofed houses! Read more about her project here.

Doodle Stitch Along - City Roofs

Emily (Flickr user EarthGirlKnits) made this charming map of her own neighborhood in Michigan - I adore the french knots markings to indicate places special to her. What a lovely idea!

embroidered map

And lastly, Flickr user Wendalene printed a photo of a snowy New York street scene and stitched over it to wonderful effect, really bringing the photo to life in such a special way! Read more about her process at her blog.

Walking in New York 2

I hope these lovely embroideries help give you that little push you need to get the finishing touches on your own inspiring swap pieces!

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