Thursday, May 22, 2014

Links We Love: May

I love this Peacock Needle Minder by Beadeux (via Etsy). I swear I'd never even heard of a needle minder until recently, but I'm pretty sure I need one now!

If you read our post about Russian Punch Needle embroidery the other day, I bet you want to try it out yourself! Me too. Here's a punch needle tool made by Clover, from Sew and So.

Check out this embroidered postcards tutorial by Clare McGibbon on the Etsy blog. What a fun idea - I'd love to hunt down some vintage postcards at flea markets and try this out!

Since we're stitching around the world this month, how about one of these traditional Hungarian cross-stitch patterns from Folkology? Available as printed patterns or digital downloads.

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  1. Those Hungarian cross-stitch patterns are fantastic!

    There's also a bunch of really great designs in a somewhat similar vein here for free download (it's old enough to be out of copyright -- I love the Antique Pattern Library): The book is called Siebenburgisch-Sachsische Leinenstickerei. It's a collection of Transylvania Saxon cross stitch patterns. I have a book that reprints some of these designs & have one in progress right now, though I haven't worked on it in a while due to project overload.


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