Friday, April 25, 2014

Stitch a letter for DMC

French DMC blog
It is probably no surprise that the &Stitches team loves DMC thread. For most of us it's probably what we use for the majority of our stitchy projects.

There are several DMC blogs (not just devoted to embroidery), and today I want to point towards the French DMC blog. Recently they had a blog post about a permanent DMC exhibition that will open at the Textile Museum Parc de Wesserling in Alsace later this year. Which is pretty great and I want to go there nooow!

What is extra cool about this exhibition is that you can be part of it!

From the DMC blog post (via Google Translate, so if the English doesn't sound quite right, it's because it's translated by a machine..)
You can also contribute to the History of DMC by sending us a letter embroidered. A large sign will be displayed with all the letters embroidered in red ( color 321 ) in an area dedicated to the Alsace region, where DMC is born. These embroideries become a subject of the permanent collection of the Museum of Textile Wesserling. embroiderers names participating in the event will be posted on a sign of thanks.

Enter the History of DMC with your letter embroidered red thread

How to participate :
- Embroider a letter (whichever you prefer) with the DMC MoulinĂ© ® : Inventory 117MC 321 colors
- Embroidery on a white or unbleached linen of your choice (Aida, linen, muslin ..).
- The size of the canvas must be 15 x 15 cm
- The technical embroidery is free , whichever you prefer!
- Send your embroidery with your name and your full contact details , including your e-mail , BEFORE 12 May 2014 at:

“Concours DMC”
68470 Husseren-Wesserling
So get stitching and you can be part of this exhibition. But quick - they must receive your letter/initial before May 12th. I'm really hoping I'll have time to make one. If you stitch a letter, do share it in the &Stitches Flickr group. We would really love to see it!


  1. Hmm, can I do this in time?? Want to a lot! Sounds like a fantastic project to be involved in!

  2. stitching one letter is easy...getting it there on time...yikes

  3. just a smidge under 6" square for those of us who can't think in me lol


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