Friday, March 14, 2014

Eureka! Using Sugar Scrub


When I recently worked on an embroidery with silk floss, I found my hands constantly sticking to the thread and very nearly ruining previously made stitches. I like to think that my hands are beautifully soft and smooth, but anyone who has stitched (or knit, or spun) with silk will be nodding along in agreement: it just sticks to absolutely any tiny flaw or rough spot, ones you had no idea were there!

Eureka! Using Sugar Scrub

Experienced silk workers will probably have favorite lotions they swear by, but I found that lotion needed reapplying frequently and I worried that the build-up would leave residue on my delicate embroidery. My solution: sugar scrub! Before sitting down to my stitching every day, I gave my hands a hearty sugar scrubbing - the abrasive sugar smooths rough spots and the oils soften the skin. It worked like a charm!

You can easily make your own sugar scrubs with just a few ingredients and a tiny amount of money. And even better - you can make yours in whatever scent you like most - lemon, vanilla, lavender, or anything you can dream up. (Pinterest is chock-full of recipe links!)

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  1. Oh good advice! I have some silk I've been nervous to use, but I might just whip up a batch of sugar scrub and try it out.
    I found a recipe on Pinterest for a green tea scrub that I might need to make!

    1. Yay, I'm glad that helped! I found it invaluable when using silk, and could be something to keep in mind for working on any delicate fabrics as well. Those materials can be so fussy! :)

  2. This is such a good idea! I've had similar problems, and I'm always hesitant to put on lotion right before stitching because I worry about leaving residue on the fabric.


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