Saturday, October 19, 2013

Illustration Stitch Along Group

Illustration SAL 1/2/3, a gallery on Flickr

Towards the end of 2012 Bridgeen and myself started a quarterly Illustration Stitch Along group. The idea was (and is) to make embroideries based on existing illustrations. Pictured above are pieces made in the past three stitch along rounds. (Please click the link below the mosaic to find out more about these wonderful artists/embroideries!)

'Doubtful Guest' My first Edward Gorey embroidery
My first illustration based embroidery, made for an embroidery swap, was inspired by an illustration from Edward Gorey. I was especially intrigued by finding the best way to translate his black and white drawings into embroidery. Not aspiring to make an exact copy but rather an interpretation in thread.

Bridgeens interpretation of a Maurice Sendak illustration
Obviously illustrations are not just in black and white and, as Bridgeen shows in her wonderful (and colourful)  interpretation of a Maurice Sendak Illustration, we are not even limited to just using floss!

Fast forward to autumn 2013 and we are already onto our 4th Stitch Along round! Each Stitch Along has it's own theme. After an Edward Gorey,  a Tim Burton and a 'choose-your-own-illustrator'  Stitch Along, we are now making embroideries based on Dr. Seuss' art. I already have 'the Lorax' in my hoop. Maybe you'd like to stitch a long with us some time?  You can join the group and only stitch along once a year or make multiple pieces bases on one theme, it's all ok. Hope to see you there! 

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  1. Thank you for featuring one of my pieces! Especially in and amongst such amazing work. Feeling flattered.


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