Saturday, July 20, 2013

Running Stitch Love

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Running Stitch Love, a gallery on Flickr.

The longer I embroider, the more I appreciate the beauty of the simplest stitches. When you first start out, you're so anxious to get to the fancier stitches, it takes a while to be able to enjoy the basics again. Running stitch is about as basic as it gets, but it's so lovely in its simplicity. These wonderful embroideries show just how much it can do!


  1. That's a gorgeous collection of work to look through. I find running stitch is deceptively simple, there's no where to hide with wonky stitches!

  2. Wow thanks for sharing the great ..I agree with Pooka , not as easy as it looks does take a bit of precision.

    1. Fair enough - just like back stitch (the other 'simple' stitch) it does show every tiny bump. On the other hand, if you look closely at a lot of the examples above, they aren't concerned with perfection, and their work is beautiful for it. They let their stitches look like a real person made them - I myself am always pulling stitches out for being a bit wonky, but maybe I should be working on allowing them to have more character!

  3. Wow, just logged into FB and saw the link to this post and one of my embroideries in it! What a pleasant surprise and a very humbling experience to be included with these great examples of stitch!


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