Monday, July 15, 2013

July Wish List

It's all about Needlepoint and Cross Stitch on this month's &Stitches wish list!

I have yet to try needlepoint but I'd love to make a cushion for my living room with this colourful, folkloric design from Felicity Hall. The Three Swallows Needlepoint kit is available in her shop.

This necklace/cross stitch kit from Red Gate Stitchery would make a fabulous gift for someone, both as finished item and as crafty present.

One of my recent pattern purchases was a PDF pattern called 'Pretty Little London' from Satsuma Street. The 'Pretty Little Paris' design is equally lovely.

The Fanciful Flutterbies cushion kit by What Delilah Did is a great, easy project when you are on the go. The cross stitches are printed on the fabric and you'll only need two colours. Also available in Stag and Bird variations and with different colours to choose from as well.


  1. Satsuma Street designs have been on my list for a long time, just have to resist temptation as I have a looooong list of projects to get through. Not even counting the items I am making for my shop.

    1. oh but I'm a pattern hoarder! What if you suddenly have the urge to stitch a cute London themed project and you don't have a pattern for it?!?! Exactly! Although nowadays a lot of the shops have instant downloads so that kind of solves that, doesn't it? ;)


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