Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fiona Bearclaw's fabulous creatures


Fiona Bearclaw is one of my favourite embroidery artists. I admire her unique choice of subject and her fabulous stitching, especially of (more or less) furry creatures like 'Batty' pictured above. Batty is brilliant as he is but the addition of the Bullion Knot Roses really make this piece.

I first found out about Fiona's work when I stumbled upon this Accordion playing Porcupine.


I love this little guy so much! Even more than the stitching (which is lovely too) I think the really great thing about this piece is how much personality the Porcupine has.

Fiona's more recent work is totally inspiring as well. Like The Intergalactic Rat Thief. He is wonderful by day....

intergalactic thief rat

But really shines at night. :)

glowing thief

These incredibly delicately stitched buttons are a recent project.

pinback buttons

You can keep up to date with Fiona's work on Tumblr  or Flickr. Find her Etsy shop (currently sold out) here.


  1. Wow these embroideries are amazing! Bullion knot is my favourite stitch of all time so it is great to see it so beautifully done here. I particularly like the expression on the accordion-playing porcupine - he looks like he's got soul! Thanks for sharing x

  2. Really nice pieces. I love the bat--so well done.

  3. These are really stunning! I especially love the buttons.

  4. what a very talented lady, does she have a blog we can follow?

    1. I don't think she has a 'traditional' blog, Fiona's Tumbler account (see link at the end of my post) is the closest thing! :)


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