Wednesday, June 12, 2013

... something blue

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... something blue

I spied this beautiful embroidery by Michelle Kingdom on Flickr last week - I'm a sucker for stitching on vintage textiles anyway, but this one really blew me away. I love that the lace Michelle chose is slightly damaged and that she worked it into her piece rather than repairing it - combined with the gentle blues she's used, it gives the whole thing a days-past, Dickensian feel to me. This is how Michelle described her own piece:
… something blue is an allegory about relationships, and the distance between hopeful intentions and mature realizations. The couple, symbolized by a wedding cake topper, begins their journey with charmingly optimistic naivet√©. Faceless and simplistic, neither is fully formed. Each is searching for their missing piece - or was it lost? Together they unite, becoming a monolith of black and white.

The couple stands positioned atop an inherited piece of beautiful old lace, now yellowed and worn. A tattered hole lies directly beneath their feet. Shimmering satin swirls compress them together. Brilliant yet blue, tinged with melancholy.

Something blue is a lucky charm. A superstitious promise of love and purity. It is an heirloom kept secret, hidden under petticoats. The last verse remembered in an olde English rhyme.

Lovely. If you'd like to see more of Michelle's work, be sure to check out her Flickr photostream!

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