Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sampler-along wrap-up!

Hey &Stitchers, how are your Garden Path Samplers coming along? Sampler Month has come to a close, but we wanted to show off how our samplers have turned out!

Nicole's sampler is coming along beautifully -- check out her gorgeous Bullion Knot roses!

garden path sampler

Carina's is so cheerful and bright, and I love the stitches she's chosen. A few of her choices are new to me, it kind of makes me want to stitch up another with her selection!

Garden Path sampler progress

And my own sampler is finished - I chose to work with only detached stitches (including using the detached Wheatear Stitch variation) and had a really good time playing with the placement and scale of each stitch. I also used different line stitches for each of the dividing lines and border.

Finished Garden Path Sampler!

A few of you have also shared yours in the &Stitches Flickr pool and we've loved watched them progress. You already saw a bit Annet's sampler in our interview with her the other day, and she's posted about it on her blog Fat-Quarter.

Flickr user Daisy has also finished up a sampler of her own - I love that woven cross stitch:

Finished Garden Path Sampler

And Pam has worked her sampler in crewel wool and has added in a pebble path in satin stitch - what a clever idea:

Garden Path Sampler Stitchalong

Find out more about Pam's sampler on her blog.

We've loved stitching this project with you guys so much, I can't tell you how much I enjoy seeing a project interpreted in everyone's individual styles. I really hope you'll stitch-along with us again sometime! Don't forget to keep stitching your samplers and, pretty please show them off in the Flickr group!


  1. these garden path samplers are a delight wish I had had a go, will tract back and see if I can do one shortly.

  2. I so love the pebbles in Pam's sampler that I'm tempted to add pebbles to mine too :)

  3. Oh! I adore every single sampler! I agree - seeing this project interpreted in so many different ways is half the fun! And the stitching - the other half of fun! I really loved the concept - a pattern and theme provided. A few intro stitches and then the invitation to use our own imaginations! A perfect recipe for fun!

    Thank you Julie, Carina and Nicole for this very fun "learning opportunity" playdate!

  4. I love seeing what everyone did with their samplers -- and thank you so much for showing mine! I'm just getting caught up on blog reading and was all excited when I saw mine up there :)

  5. This is indeed a wonderful project and a great idea to inspire and promote this kind of art. I especially enjoyed Pam sampler, she really has some great skills, it must have taken a lot of time and effort to make, but it came out great. Thank you for sharing.

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