Saturday, June 22, 2013

Free Sampler Pattern inspiration

We are continuing the Sampler fun with a rather eclectic selection of Sampler ideas and patterns posted on various blogs. Pictured above is a lovely free sampler made by Stacey, you can download the pattern on her blog.

And just in case you missed it last year: Julie's series of Thread Mini Samplers on our very own &Stitches blog! Jessica also shares a lovely detailed Ombre themed Embroidery Sampler Tutorial on her Needle & Cloth blog.

On the Feathered Nest blog I found this highly original Hexagon Sampler. Perfect if you want to try things at a small scale!

This fabulous free Spring Sampler by Aimee Ray is a great project for enthusiastic beginners. More experienced stitchers can use a fun variety of stitches in it as well.

We'd love to hear about your samplers too. Have you ever stitched a sampler or are you stitching one right now? What type of sampler do you like? What do you do with your finished samplers? Let us know!


  1. I have an alphabet sampler from The French Needle:
    It is beautiful and uses a variety of stitches I have yet to try, along with some I already know. I am saving it to take on holiday, so I can get to work on it with a relaxed attitude, I'm a bit intimidated by it! But to me that's the purpose of a sampler, to challenge and instruct... Chrissie x

    1. That looks like a gorgeous project, kits are perfect for holidays if you ask me! :)

  2. Besides the sampler-along here, I've been off and on working on Pintangle's Take a Stitch Tuesday (she's up to somewhere around 70 or so now, but I started at the very beginning and have done maybe 5 so far). I started that one without putting much thought into it and was just doing mostly straight & curved lines, but I think I'm going to move on to a new piece of fabric starting with the week 6 stitch and do something more visually interesting.

    Eventually, when I have a pile of samplers on hopefully vaguely similar-sized pieces of fabric, I'm thinking of maybe trying to sew them together into a fabric book with a pretty design on the cover.

    1. TAST is a great way to expand your stitch 'repertoire'. We have a TAST related feature next week :)

  3. PS: That hexagon sampler is fantastic! They're all lovely, but I've been particularly enthralled with hexagons lately.


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