Monday, June 17, 2013

Columbine in Progress

Found on Flickr

Columbine embroidery

Victoria Matthewson of Love In Idleness stitched this beautiful Columbine flower in silk thread on silk fabric. I'm in awe of her beautifully intricate shading on this project - the detail and depth are really quite incredible.


In addition to Victoria's obvious stitching skill, I also love that she showed us this project from start to finish, taking progress pictures as she worked. The above photo is where she started, and there are several more progress photos in her Flickr photostream. I must remember to do this more often with my own projects, there's something very special about getting to see embroidery come together, step by step!


  1. This is so beautiful! It must have taken such a long time, but the quality of the stitching is superb. I have columbines all over my garden at the moment, but I could never capture them in such amazing detail in embroidery.

  2. Beautiful flower, but the title of this post has a VERY different connotation for American readers.

    1. We understand that in another context that would be true and we're very sensitive to that. But here on an embroidery blog, the post's title is simply a literal description of a beautiful embroidery we feel deserves attention.


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