Monday, April 15, 2013

You spin me right round

Found on Flickr

A little while ago I stumbled upon Rachel Rose's stitched record sleeves on Flickr featuring 80's artists like Dead or Alive and Blondie. My first reaction were instant flash backs to my teens (or the video from 'You Spin me Right Round' by Dead or Alive to be more specific). Immediately followed by the thought how fabulously the embroidery work was executed because embroidering neatly on a record sleeve seems quite difficult to me. Then I considered the whole picture and design and admired it even more.  The original sleeve in combination with the song title and crumbling buildings in the foreground is brilliant!

Rachel has made other fantastic embroideries too like the QR carpenter Ant pictured above. The QR code links to an article about this particular Ant. We have an interview with Rachel right here on the &Stitches blog soon to find out more about her fascinating embroidery work. Until then you might want to explore more of her work on her website of Flickr photostream. Some of her pieces are available for purchase here.

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  1. Funny I've just encountered Rachel myself- she's my phat quarter swap partner! Looking forwards to your interview and learning more about her ;-)


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