Thursday, April 25, 2013

Toolkit Competition Winner!

&Stitches tool kit competition

Thank you guys for sharing your embroidery toolkits with us over the last couple of weeks! I am seriously not joking when I say that I've written a list of tools to gather and add to my own toolkit - you all had some awesome tips to share. And that, of course, was the whole point - for us all to share our experience and learn from each other.

And also to win fantastic prizes! Carina, Nicole and I read every entry and together we chose one post that was everything we could've asked for: it had beautiful photos, shared interesting tool tips, and gave a wonderful sense of where the tools fit into the stitcher's life and work.

Congratulations to María Tenorio! María wrote this lovely post about her embroidery toolkit - we were especially intrigued by your braided thread:

Embroidery kit / Equipo para bordar a mano

Thank you so much for entering, María, we loved your post! You win all those goodies from Sublime Stitching, plus the miniature needlepoint kit from Retrosaria Zoe AND handspun embroidery threads from Dragonflylotus Designs! Yay!

But wait! The entries were so awesome, we dug up some surprise prizes for two runners-up! Carriebee with her adorable envelope toolkit-clutch and Work-in-Progress Girl with her very funny look at the state of her tools and supplies - we've got one Sublime Stitching pattern and two skeins of Weeks Dye Works overdyed embroidery floss for each of you!

Winners, please get in touch with us with your postal address within two weeks from today so that we can get your prizes out to you! Thank you everyone for playing along - we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!


  1. Congratulations to Maria and thank you for the contest.

  2. Congrats to Maria! And Carriebee! And me!

    That's so lovely of you, thank you!

    (And now, 100% fewer exclamation marks.) It was really neat reading everyone's posts and seeing the pictures up on flickr of all the things people use. I definitely found some things that clearly I NEED to add to my collection of stuff, because how did I ever live without them? Also, I was really amused to see just how many of us own the little pink-handled scissors with green sheathe.

  3. Thanks, Nicole, Zoe and Carina for organizing this competition and, of course, for choosing my toolkit i really enjoyed participating: making the pictures and writing the post. By the way, my toolkit has already changed with ideas from the other contestants. Congrats to Carriebee and WIP Girl.
    Now I'll share the good news with my friends and family in El Salvador, where I live!

  4. Congrats to all! What a fun - and enlightening - competition! And I found some cool new blogs to read...Chrissie x

  5. Hi, I share with you all the post I wrote about winning this prize (and the embroidery thread braids):

  6. Congrats to the winners BUT the reality is that we are ALL winners!!! All these wonderful tutorials and posts and pictures to learn from: this is the best BEST kind of giveaway!!!!

    Thank you!

  7. Congrats to all! So fun to see everyone's tool kits!


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