Tuesday, April 30, 2013

an Orange flavoured mosaic

TAST stitches 49 & 52Regal ClockThe King10.58.woven detached chain st- samplerQueen - rabbitDutch Canal House Embroidery
embroidery of Tudlik stone cutAutumn ColourBreakfast ClubPeople's Crownsmiley orangeOrange Lion
Ampersand Cross StitchThe CrownqueenfinishedEThread Cards from Playing CardsBrown, Orange, Yellow and Red Flowers and Swirls Embroidery - close-upDutch Row House

Orange, a gallery on Flickr.

In my home country of the Netherlands it's Queensday today. On this yearly event a lot of Dutch folk dress up in Orange, the national colour, and visit jumble sales and Queensday festivities. This year It's also the day that the Queen abdicates and Willem Alexander becomes the new Dutch King. So whatever your thoughts on Royalty may be, I thought a Dutch-Orange-Royal themed mosaic was appropriate today. :)


  1. Thanks for including this section of my stitch sampler. And long live the new king!!!

  2. Will it still be called Queens day now that you have a king? ;-)

  3. Aw, thanks for including my Rock'n'Roll King Elvis, even if he isn't orange ;-)

  4. I happened on the news half way through yesterday about your new King and was wondering what was going on ~ exciting news. Lovely embroidery too!

  5. Lovely collection of stitching, and thank you so much for including my rabbit queen. Maybe now someone needs to design a rabbit king to be stitched up!


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