Sunday, February 3, 2013

Forests from Flickr

Found on Flickr

To celebrate the release of &Stitches issue 5, I found a little selection of wonderful woodsy embroideries to share with you. These are all stitched by Flickr users and I thought they were all so lovely, I just knew you'd love them!
This amazing fellow is teeeeeny-tiny, just 1" tall! Sandra from Bricolagelife stitched this itty-bitty little guy, so full of detail!

In the Forest

Emily of The Floss Box is responsible for this gorgeous forest scene - I especially love the little line of ants marching along and the plump strawberries looking so juicy-sweet.

A Little Work & A Post

Lisa from Lou Lou & Oscar made this minimalist scene with the moving inscription 'Lost in the forest with you'. Of course I can't know why Lisa chose these words but, to me, they create the lovely cozy feeling of being with someone you love.


And lastly, this wonderfully unique forest stitched by Flickr user Kimikahara is such a glorious collage of color, texture and fabric!

Julie is a knitter and stitcher, born in the US but now living in the UK. She loves vintage embroidery books and bad slasher movies. With her mum, Julie designs embroidery patterns inspired by literature under the name Little Dorrit & Co.



  1. I love woodland themes! Thanks for including my embroidery with these great woodland projects!!

    1. Me too! The woodsy theme of the magazine and these embroideries above just seem to suit needlework so well, doesn't it? Thanks for allowing me to feature yours!

  2. I just bumped into your blog and it's full with cute ideas!! :) Keep up!


  3. Just wanted to say how much I really enjoyed your lovely magazine. The quality of the interviews is excellent, really informative but relaxed and friendly and insightful. I loved all the contributors too. The only one I had not heard of is Mother Eagle which is very remiss of me as her work is absolutely stunning and my favourite pictures in the whole e-zine. (Although I might have if she is the person who does little foxy and deer miniatures as pendants, will be off to investigate.) Very inspirational! The patterns are cute and I shall definitely be making the wren and badger which were my favourites. I totally enjoyed the interview with Abby Glassenburg. I read her blog and honestly the woman is saintly in the amount of patience she has and now I know why she seems like a natural teacher, I'm looking forward to her book.

    The only thing missing for me was in the section on trying out feather stitch. I loved very much what both contributers did with the challenge of using the stitch and would have liked to have been able to have worked from those patterns as they were both so clever in manipulating and using just the one stitch. Nevertheless, I am inspired! (And that is what it is all about).

    Also loved your colour inspiration and the layout generally. I found it all totally relevant to me as a stitcher and thought it was a really great read. You did a really great job and it is well worth the pennies - beats the mags in the shop any day. Loved the woodland theme, next time I will nip back and treat myself to the Scandinavian one. Thanks for all your hard work and creativity and for passing it on.

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful and kind feedback! Maybe we can do a follow up on the blog with some extra info on how the stitch challengers worked the feather stitch in their pieces? :)


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