Thursday, January 17, 2013

Nancy Drew Redwork

Found on Flickr

"Nancy Drew: Sleuth or Snoop?"

As soon as I saw this redwork piece by Flickr user Ellen Schinderman, I knew I'd have to post about it. It may not have the same significance to non-Americans (and specifically, non-American women) but Nancy Drew - the 'girl sleuth' depicted here - is culturally very important in the States. Generations of young girls grew up reading the dozens of Nancy Drew books, from the 1930s to today - I even wrote about her at university!

Nancy Drew is an odd character because she is both a symbol of female independence to girls as well as a stereotype of 1950s sexism. (The books were written in the 1930s but then reworked in the 1950s to make Nancy's character a more 'proper' young lady.) Of course I can't speak for Ellen's intentions with this embroidery, but the use of such a traditional style as redwork to illustrate the young detective is just perfect for this strange contradiction. Out on adventures or stuck in tradition? A little bit of both, and Nancy Drew fans today kind of love her for both equally.

Visit Ellen Schinderman's website to see more of her work here. (Please note: Ellen's photostream and website both contain adult embroidery.)

Julie is a knitter and stitcher, born in the US but now living in the UK. She loves vintage embroidery books and bad slasher movies. With her mum, Julie designs embroidery patterns inspired by literature under the name Little Dorrit & Co.


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  1. How wonderful that you featured Ellen A Schinderman's embroidery. She is a dear friend and her works are amazing!


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