Monday, December 10, 2012

Free Snowy Owl Pattern!

Today I'm sharing a fun and easy embroidery pattern with you of a Snowy Owl. One of my favourite kinds of owl, but actually I like all owls. I got to pet an owl once in an Owl Sanctuary and it was such an amazing experience, well for me anyway I'm not sure about the owl! Which reminds me of this cute video on YouTube...

I'm stitching my Snowy Owl on felt to make a Christmas tree ornament. I love felt ornaments as they are easy to make and great when you have kids who want to 'help' decorate the tree. I will tell my youngest this is Hedwig, Harry Potter's owl :)  I'm using silver grey floss for the outline and feather details and black for the eyes and beak (and the yet to be stitched feet). I also used a tiny bit of bright olive green for the eyes.

To stitch your own Snowy Owl, download the pattern (with the owl in several sizes) here.  Don't forget to send us your owls (with or without a message). They are more than welcome in our Flickr Group!

Happy Stitching!


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