Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fabulous Green Horse

Nat of Smallest Forest has created this fabulous journal for a (lucky!) friend. The Green Horse (and dots) on the cover were inspired by Scandinavian Design.

The horse was stenciled on even weave fabric with paint which is a great idea I think. Even more awesomeness was added by the 'blackwork' on the green stenciled horse. The 'blackwork' pattern is worked in a light shade of variegated thread instead of black which gives the whole image a fresh, modern look. If you feel inspired by this, you might be interested in two posts about blackwork embroidery we had on this blog earlier this year.

Read more about the Green Horse Journal here, and do check the rest of Nat's blog for more crafty inspiration!

(photos taken with permission from Nat's the Smallest Forest blog)

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