Sunday, June 10, 2012

Boxing Hares

Found on Flickr

Since it's June, I thought I'd show you all some awesome embroidered March Hares, also known as Boxing Hares! Apparently hares go through a period of frenzy in Spring where they chase each other and hit one another with their paws (hence the 'boxing').  Katie (Mother Eagle) made this beautiful Boxing Hare pendant. The fill stitching and use of colour are especially lovely. Find more unique hand embroidered jewelry in her shop.

Sophie has a different take on the same theme. The details in this piece are amazing and it's well worth a closer look to admire the stitching!

Something else: it appears we have all the letters we need for our Stitched Blog Header. Yay! Thanks everyone who joined in the fun! We hope to bring you a 'new and improved' blog header soon. :)


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my March Hare! And in the same post as the awesome Sewphie, you do honour me so! x

  2. Mother Eagle's hare is so beautiful! Lovely work.

  3. Thank you for featuring my boxing hares.
    Mother Eagle your hare is beautiful - as you know I stalk you on Flickr ;) and I am always amazed at how detailed your tiny embroideries are

  4. Oh those hares are lovely - great work!

  5. I saw the grumpy toad on flickr. I Adora it!


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