Friday, May 25, 2012

Inspiration: Pin Pals

&Stitches Inspiration
We're starting a new series of sorts: Inspiration. We ask someone what inspired a stitched piece, and they tell us what their inspiration was. Simple as that. Because we love hearing what inspires people. We hope you do too!

We start the series of with this great piece from Pin Pals (great name, too, right?!)

My inspiration for this piece came from necessity of sorts. The studio space I work in is having a group show in a couple of weeks based on the letter J. I went through a lot of J words and none of them really grabbed me, so I decided to look at the dictionary, and one of the first words was "Janitors" ...that one stuck. The image of janitors working together in a house came to mind, the rest I sorted out on graph paper. I see them as cleaning house, literally and metaphorically. They are spring cleaning janitors here to help us out.

Check out Pin Pal's Flickr and blog.

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