Thursday, April 19, 2012


Found on Flickr

I learned something new today. I had never heard of Kamchatka before and this wonderful embroidery by Masha Novoselova is called Kamchatka and that made me curious! Kamchatka is a peninsula in the far eastern part or Russia. There are lots and lots of volcanos there and it's generally very cold. The landscape in the embroidery sure does look cold. To me, this embroidery seems to be stitched very much like some painters use quick, broad brushstrokes to make a painting. This stitching technique in combination with the wonderful use of colour makes this embroidery come to life. If you want to learn more about this piece you can visit Masha's blog (it's written in Russian and English). 

In other news: if you haven't treated yourself to a copy of the latest issue of &Stitches yet, you can try your luck at blogs of Hannah, Aimee and Paloma as they have copies to giveaway! 


  1. Nicole, thank you very much for sharing my work! and for your kindly words.
    yes, this is beautiful place, and if you ever could come there - you are welcome! it's realy magic place.
    thank you again,

    1. It does look magical! Magical and cold.. If I ever do travel to Kamchatka I will try and find you. :)

    2. :) for find me you shouldn't go so far! :) I live near Moscow (Russia). I just love that far-a-way place and visit it every year since 2009! :)


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