Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Issue 2 of &Stitches is out now!

We are so happy to announce that the second issue of &Stitches is available as of today! 

And for the early birds: if you use the code BOOKWORM (he he early birds...bookworm) on checkout between now and Thursday the 19th of April 2012 you will receive 10% off this Issue (normal price is 4.50 GBP, about 7$)* .

If you have been following us on this blog (or Twitter or Facebook) then you have already caught some glimpses of what we have in store for you with Books&Stitches: our featured designer is Cate Anevski and besides her fabulous pattern set of Big Bad and Little Red, there are also patterns from us: a reading Polar Bear by Nicole and Carina's take on stitched lettering (see below). 

We have fun how to's by Jessica Kelly (stitching on Vintage paper) and Becka Rahn (project and tips for embroidering with young stitchers), stitch tutorials, interviews with Cate Anevski and Aimee Ray and readers talk about (craft)books that inspire them. 

We have also reviewed some books for you and made a fun round up of book inspired patterns.  

Hope you will enjoy this second issue of our e-zine!


  1. Congratulations on putting together a beeeautiful zine - full of awesome inspiration! Well done!

  2. Lovely designs, ideas and inspiration!

  3. You read my mind! Or I read yours! I just discovered an old set of Narnia books with some damage, so I tore out all the chapter illustrations I could (and used the other salvageable pages for some other projects as well) and was hoping to embroider some of those lovely illustrations! :)


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