Friday, March 30, 2012

Medieval LOLcat

You may be tired of seeing pictures of LOLcats, but I'm sure you don't mind that we make an exception for an Embroidered Medieval LOLcat called Leo? Lovely Leo is stitched by Rebecca (aka The Stitch Emporium),  who took her inspiration from an illustration in a Medieval book. I have a background in Medieval History and I just love how 'exotic' animals like lions, elephants etc. were depicted in Medieval manuscripts. If you feel like stitching your own Medieval Animal you will find plenty of inspiration here.  And here are a few early LOLcat examples as well.

Many thanks to all the readers (here and on Facebook and Twitter) who are stitching a letter (or several) for our new Blog Header. Both Carina and I were touched by your lovely reactions to our call! You can still join in the fun if you like, submissions can be posted in the Flickr Group until the 30th of April.  If you are looking for inspiration you need to check out this book (direct link to PDF), it has many lovely (slightly retro/groovy) lettering designs!

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