Friday, February 3, 2012

The Birds (part 1)

Today I bring you a wonderful flock of birds flown in from the &Stitches Flickr group! The first couple of birds anyway because there are many great bird embroideries I want to feature.

First up is the little birdy you see pictured above, stitched by Abi (based on a Andrea Zuill pattern). Abi used a variety of stitches, including a very appropriate fly stitch for the tail feathers! I learned from Abi that the fill stitch she used on the wing is an open wave stitch.  I will be posting a 'how to' on that particular stitch soon on this blog because it's such a neat fill stitch!

Birds are a recurring theme in Sami Teasdale's work too. 2011 was the year of her Birdseeker project and this Golden Oriole is the last bird stitched in the series. I especially love Sami's use of the Holbein stitch. (I must admit I have never used that stitch, must try it soon!)

And how about this Sea Gull stitched by Jo (Peace of Pi)? Her free style fill stitching really brings this Sea Gull to life.

Look out for more Birds next week!


  1. They are all gorgeous, and what a great selection of stitches. My favourite is the seagull, the pool of water he is standing in looks fantastic with those different shades of blue.

  2. Because I love your blog I have given you a Leibster award, see my blog to find out more. (It's a fun way of sharing and championing our favourite blogs)

  3. The first one is so cute!


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