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Hi there from the &Stitches team!

Below you can read a bit about each of our team members. What kinds of embroidery we like, current stitchy obsessions and the number of pets we have. If want to find out about how &Stitches got started, visit the About page.

Carina Envoldsen-Harris is a Danish designer, author and blogger who lives just outside London with Tony the husband and Blake the dog, in a little house with a blossom tree. She shares her crafty projects on Carina’s Craftblog: embroidery, quilting, drawing, and the occasional crochet and knitting project. She also shares tutorials and vegan recipes. Carina is mad about colour, loves stitching things by hand, and likes to explore different types of embroidery. For the past couple of years, she has been obsessed with blackwork, especially using it in unusual ways.

Carina designs happy colourful embroidery patterns under the name Polka & Bloom; she is always inspired by nature and folk art. She has contributed stitchy stuff to books and magazines and, in 2013, her first (but hopefully not last!) book, Stitched Blooms, was published - it's full of, well, stitched flowers and things like that!

Instagram: @carinacraftblog

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Cate Anevski is an artist, illustrator, and general crafty lady living in the middle of the woods in Boring, Oregon, with her fiancé and their many furbabies (currently a cat, a dog, a rabbit, and a lot of bees). She loves crafting of all kinds but developed a love for fiber arts from a very early age, when she learned sewing and embroidery from her mother and grandmother.

Nowadays, Cate spends her days working as an accountant, but she keeps her evenings and weekends free for the many creative obsessions she stumbles across, including embroidery (of course), drawing, spinning yarn, creating miniatures, gardening, and more. The rest of her time she spends gathering inspiration by reading, hiking through the beautiful Oregon landscape, watching old movies, and enjoying the artwork and crafty endeavors of others.

Twitter: @kneesofbees

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Christine Asbridge is an American who married an Englishman in 2000 and has called the UK home ever since. She started her craft adventures after her first daughter was born, and became enchanted with embroidery following the birth of her second daughter in 2009.

Christine loves all things stitchy, and in particular is interested in ribbon embroidery and new interpretations of very old techniques. She loves stitching on linen and has discovered a new love of wet felting with embroidered embellishments. “No tacky craft!” is her motto. Christine shares her works-in-progress, including embroidery, crochet and baking on Instagram and her blog.

Instagram: @chrissie_crafts

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Julie Zaichuk-Ryan is an American in England with an insatiable appetite for all things thread and yarn - from stitching to quilting to lacemaking, there's no needlecraft she won't try! She loves vintage embroidery patterns, crewelwork, and stitching text - and is always searching for a magical way to use all of her favorite stitchy skills together.

Julie also enjoys snuggling with her little old cat, Oscar, watching old noir movies and new slasher flicks, listening to dusty old country music, and obsessing about Buffy The Vampire Slayer. She writes knitting patterns and is the co-creator of the embroidery pattern shop Little Dorrit & Co. — and hopes to design many more pretty things in the years to come.

Twitter: @juliezryan
Instagram: @juliezryan

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Nicole Vos van Avezathe lives in the Netherlands, just a bike-ride away from the city centre of Rotterdam. She shares her turn of the (last) century house with her cat, kids, and husband. Nicole likes many types and forms of embroidery but, in recent years, she has developed a preference for stitching (mostly tiny) furry creatures and pieces featuring single-stranded shading.

Besides embroidery, Nicole likes to read (check out her reading list here), eat, play games like Catan and Carcasson with the family, as well as quilt and sew. She also enjoys music and her favourite artists include Morrissey and the Foo Fighters.

Under the name Follow the White Bunny (, Nicole designs unique embroidery pieces and patterns and occasionally hosts online embroidery classes.

Twitter: @followbunny
Instagram: @followbunny

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Rebecca Greco lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband and two human children. Trained in illustration, she spends most of her time amassing an ever-growing work-in-progress pile while she tries out new crafts. Rebecca's first needlework love was cross-stitch and she loves to give it a modern spin, especially when stitching geeky or space-related subjects.

She is inherently drawn to all color wheels and loves stitching rainbow gradients. Rebecca is a proud introvert who enjoys stitching at home with a cup of coffee, sweatpants, a good sci-fi show, and some dark chocolate.

Twitter: @hugsarefun
Instagram: @hugsarefun

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