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Late 2010, Carina Envoldsen-Harris and Nicole Vos van Avezathe got the idea to start an e-zine about stitching. Well first they thought of doing an embroidery pattern together, but why stop there? The project was set aside until summer 2011 when &Stitches really ‘hatched’.

&Stitches is a quarterly e-zine, all about modern stitching. It has a strong focus on embroidery (and yes, that includes all kinds of embroidery!) but other (hand) sewing projects and themes are definitely on the map too. The &Stitches team loves a bit of stitch-geekery; from discussions about how to organise your embroidery floss to sci-fi patterns. Not shying away from traditional techniques but at the same time embracing new themes and a ‘bend the rules’ mentality. Throw in a bit of their European Nordic style and you have a unique recipe for an awesome e-zine about stitching!

Each issue has its own theme and will hold a couple of patterns (including one by a guest contributor), book reviews, interviews and lots of photos.

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Carina Envoldsen-Harris is a Dane, based in the UK. She has been well known in crafty circles for quite a few years, writing a craft blog about a variety of subjects (including embroidery and crochet). Under the name ‘Polka and Bloom’, Carina has released a number of embroidery patterns and e-books.
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Nicole Vos van Avezathe is a mum of two girls, wife to one husband, owner of one cat and lives in the Netherlands. She writes on her blog about her adventures as an embroiderer. She also likes to sew and quilt. Nicole (also known as Follow the White Bunny) designs original craft and embroidery patterns.
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Julie Zaichuk-Ryan is an American in England with an insatiable appetite for all things thread and yarn. She's primarily an embroiderer and knitter but has also been known to quilt, sew, spin yarn, crochet a tiny bit, and is currently learning to make lace. Julie writes knitting patterns and is the co-creater of the embroidery pattern shop Little Dorrit & Co.
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