Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Exploring Stumpwork: ten online tutorials

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Exploring a new embroidery technique is much like exploring a new city. Stumpwork, in particular, is a big area to cover! You have to start somewhere and you may have to wander a while to find something that you like and connect with. The selection of tutorials I found online, highlights interesting areas on the map that caught my eye, but other areas and the roads in between may well be worth investigating too!

Textural stitches

Mary Corbet's blog is a fantastic source for all sorts of embroidery techniques and stitches. Like the Woven Picot tutorial and the Cast on Rose tutorial, which is used in Brazilian embroidery. An extensive tutorial about Brazilian Embroidery techniques, with useful photos, hints and tips from Rosalie can be found here. I really, really like this Star Shaped Rhodes Stitch tutorial by Anne of Pumora.  Super easy to incorporate in a 'regular' embroidery project.

Shaping elements using wire

A key technique in Stumpwork is using wire to shape elements. On the Flossbox blog I found this simple Stumpwork flower tutorial which looks like a good place to start! Our own Sophie showed us how to shape elements with wire in her Bat Wings tutorial. Di van Niekerk uses a similar technique, but with more traditional subjectsThis video shows how to make translucent wired insect wings. It involves a bit of Goldwork too.

And...later this month we'll share a Needlelace tutorial to make super pretty wired elements, yay!

Other techniques

Ribbon embroidery can add height and texture to your embroidery as well. Christine wrote a Simple Ribbon tutorial on our blog earlier this year. If you are really serious about adding height to your work than you might want to consider using beads. On Elizabeth Braun's blog you'll find a tutorial for a felt padded, beaded Stumpwork raspberry as well as many other Stumpwork tutorials.

Hope you enjoyed this little tour, it definitely gave me some new ideas!

What are you stitching? Please share in the &Stitches Flickr group. We'd love to see it!

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