Saturday, June 20, 2015

Review: POMPOM Needlepoint kit

After our recent interview with Helena Ben-Zenou of POMPOM design we are delighted to bring you a review of a POMPOM Design kit. POMPOM design sent me one of their lovely Sweetie pillow kits to try. This was the perfect project to try out needlepoint due to its size. The kit contains everything you need to complete the project- I thought the quality of the materials was very good; it even included full skeins of anchor wool so there is no chance of running out.

The design of the needlepoint is abstract and modern which is great- POMPOM design's style definitely stands out from the other needlepoint kits that are available - no kittens in baskets here! I loved the bright, juicy colours used in the kit I was sent and because there are no really big blocks of any one colour you get to swap colours often which kept me interested.

This was a lot easier than counted cross stitch as the design in printed onto the fabric so there is no separate pattern. It was very simple once I had learnt the basketweave tent stitch. You can't really go wrong when the design is printed onto the canvas - an ideal project for taking on your travels or to stitch to relax. The instructions supplied with the kit were excellent and there were clear diagrams and even links to video tutorials.

I was really pleased with my finished mini pillow and plan to use it as a pincushion. I think it turned out really cute. If you fancy trying needlepoint I would recommend giving a POMPOM design kit a go.

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