Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ninth Day of Stitchy Goodness: Nine Favorite Stitches

When I stitch my embroideries, I tend to stick with three or four stitches. This works well to translate my pencil drawings into fiber arts, but sometimes it's good to think a bit further outside the box. For this ninth day of stitchy goodness, I decided to create a pattern that uses nine of my favorite stitches together, and what better image to use for this stitch sampler than an ugly Christmas sweater?

So everyone can join in on the fun and use my nine favorite stitches, we have the pattern available to download here. You can also find tutorials for each of the stitches below.

Stem Stitch: This is my favorite outline stitch, as it is very economical with thread and goes around curves beautifully.
Running Stitch: This is a great stitch for a light fill in a shape or for outlines that you want to be more understated.
Chain Stitch: This stitch works well as either an outline stitch or a fill stitch, and it gives great texture to your work.
French Knots: These can work well as small details, like in this embroidery, or bunched together as a fill stitch.
Straight Stitch: These small and simple stitches add nice detail to your pieces and can be used in a lot of different ways.
Satin Stitch: This is a classic fill stitch, and with good reason. Use it to quickly fill areas with solid color.
Long & Short Stitch: This variation on the satin stitch is a perfect way to add shading to filled-in shapes.
Lazy Daisy: This little stitch is fun and easy and works well for lots of natural shapes, like flowers, leaves, or the snowflakes pictured above.
Feather Stitch: This is a new favorite to me that has a pleasant, organic feel to it.

What are you stitching with your favorite stitches? Please share in the &Stitches Flickr group. We'd love to see it!


  1. Thank you! This is so cute! And thank you again for having a guide to the stitches and stretching me to do a few more! Happy Holidays! Magistra13 at yahoo dot com

  2. Oh, this is so darling! I haven't seen anything I've wanted to stitch for a while ~ I'm doing this one!

  3. Oh and thank you for the pattern and all the stitches to go with it too! So generous of you!

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  5. So cute! Thank you for sharing :-)


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