Monday, December 15, 2014

Final sale on the &Stitches ZINE

&Stitches zine sale
We interrupt the regular December posts to let you know that we have decided to stop selling the &Stitches zine from January 1, 2015.

If you are new around here: the zine was published by Nicole and I (Carina) a couple of years ago. We stopped writing the zines but the issues were still available.

However, because of some new EU legislation (we won't bore you with the details, but search for VATMESS or VATMOSS and you'll find plenty about this hot mess), we have now decided that it sadly doesn't make sense for us to sell the old issues any longer. There would simply be too much admin to make it worth our while.

So, we've put the zines on sale, single issues are reduced by 20% and you can buy all five in one go for just £15 which saves you 35%. The zines are already reduced, you don't need a code or nuthin'.

The sales of the zine helps towards the various costs of the blog, so if you buy one, you will be supporting this blog. Visit the shop where you can find all the zines individually or all together.

Thank you big time to everyone who has purchased copies of the zine in the past! xo


  1. Was just reading about the VATMESS at Feeling Stitchy. So much for a free market. :( I'm sorry to hear you have to stop publishing the 'zine.

    1. We actually stopped publishing the zine over a year ago, but they have still been available to buy. Not so any more, thank you very much stoopid EU people. :-/


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