Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Floss organisation: Frame it!

Photo by Marie Tretiakova
How wonderful is this? Functional and pretty at the same time. Marie Tretiakova organises her floss on clothes pegs with small hooks glued on, hanging on wire in a frame. Back in January when I was exploring floss organisation options I stumbled upon Marie's special way of storing her floss.

Photo by Marie Tretiakova

"I used some old wooden frames I had at the house, and put the small screw in eyelets in the sides. I used framing wire to string between them. It wasn’t easy getting it taut, but it was possible. I used needle-nose pliers helped because that wire is super slippery. I strung the wire across and then down to the next level and tied it off."

Photo by Marie Tretiakova

"I wind the floss on the bottom, marking it with the DMC number. This way when I run out of a specific thread, I know which to purchase by looking into my basket, or rather throwing the basket in my purse and looking at the pins at the store"

Marie even got her team at work involved in winding the floss on the pegs during her lunch break. :)  

Thank you Marie for sharing your original way of storing floss with us! 


  1. This is so clever! My mum gave me the DMC zip-up floss organiser / holder which looks great in theory but which is actually an absolute nightmare! I love the fact that this version not only organises the floss but is also a very pretty wall feature too. I might just go and buy some pegs now!!

  2. I love this method! You can see all the colours so well and you have nice wood. I'm ooing to find pegs and a frame too :)

  3. Hello, would like to enquire what size of frame did you purchase and what kind of thread is sturdy enough to hold the weight of multiple pegs with string and not break :D

  4. I'm not sure of the frame size, but my guess would be maybe 2'x3' or something like that. In the quote above Marie mentions that she used framing wire, not thread, to hold the pegs. Like you say, using thread for that probably wouldn't be very sturdy. :-)

    1. Thanks Carina. The dimensions you mentioned are 2 feet by 3 feet for the Wooden frame yeah? :D Side question, how many DMC thread colors are there currently? I've tried various websites including DMC's own thread site and but I get different answers T.T


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